VERSAPRINT presentation at recent webinar on battery innovation

We are thrilled to announce that VERSAPRINT recently took center stage at the “Empowering Europe: 7 New EU-funded Battery Research Initiatives” webinar held on May 14th, 2024. This event was a fantastic opportunity to showcase our innovative work in battery technology.

Lisa-Lou Gracia, our esteemed Project Manager from CEA, delivered an insightful presentation about our project, highlighting its innovative approach and advancements over the past year. Her presentation captivated the audience and fostered a lively and informative Q&A session focused on the importance and impact of VERSAPRINT.

We were delighted to engage with 84 exclusive viewers during the webinar, who showed great interest in our project’s goals and progress. The interactive session allowed us to address various questions and provide deeper insights into our work and future plans.

For those who missed the live event, we invite you to watch the recording and learn more about how VERSAPRINT is contributing to the future of battery innovation.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to drive forward our mission to transform battery technology!

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