Building Blocks: Introducing VERSAPRINT’s key innovation

In the dynamic field of battery innovation, at VERSAPRINT we aim to transform energy storage systems with our groundbreaking Building Blocks (BBs). These versatile technical solutions, achieved through cutting-edge 2D/3D printing directly on cell or module components, promise to reshape the European battery landscape.

At the core of VERSAPRINT’s vision lies a commitment to safety, performance enhancement, cost reduction, and environmental sustainability. The Building Blocks are designed to address these critical aspects across various levels of the battery system, offering adaptability to different cell formats without dependency on specific chemistries.

Cell level

VERSAPRINT’s Building Blocks introduce game-changing innovations at the cell level. BB1 facilitates efficient cell thermal regulation by integrating micro-channels on the cell surface, enabling a uniform circulation of cooling fluid to mitigate the risk of thermal runaway and enhance density and longevity. Meanwhile, BB2 ensures precise temperature monitoring and H2 detection for thermal management and safety.

Cell unit level

Moving to the cell unit level, our Building Blocks continue to target safety and performance. BB3 incorporates thermal dissipation, electrical shunt, and safe dismantling functions on busbars, promoting circularity and enhancing overall system integrity. BB4 offers alternative solutions to conventional busbar designs, facilitating easy and safe dismantling and re-manufacturing of batteries, thereby reducing their environmental impact.

Module level

At the module level, Building Blocks address safety and environmental sustainability as well. BB5 optimises casing weight without compromising Thermal Runaway containment, leveraging Self-Reinforced Polymer (SRP) for enhanced recyclability. BB6 introduces advanced thermal/fire response mechanisms, integrating recyclable Phase Change Material and Flame Retardants into polymeric components to mitigate risks effectively. Lastly, BB7 ensures safe gas/fire management during Thermal Runaway, employing an integrated exhaust gas management system to control and evacuate exhaust gases.

These groundbreaking innovations and their holistic approach drive VERSAPRINT to redefine European battery technology, paving the way for greener, safer, and more sustainable transport. Stay tuned as we continue to discover the transformative potential of our research!