LEITAT develops preliminary results at cell level

At VERSAPRINT, we’re thrilled to announce the accomplishment of a milestone in our battery innovation journey. These key preliminary results at cell level, focused on the proof of concept of our first technical solution – Building Block 1 (BB1) – mark a significant leap forward for its further integration at higher levels.

BB1 is focused on providing thermal regulation via printed microchannels that carry a cooling fluid on the cell surface, reducing the risk of Thermal Runaway and increasing battery density and lifetime.

For this matter, our partner LEITAT developed a proof of concept for BB1 during the project’s first months, selecting the sacrificial material for the microchannels and successfully printing it with their cutting-edge 3D Dispenser technology.

Collaborating closely with our partners at CEA, LEITAT translated their cooling system model into reality, resulting in a tangible proof of concept that brings us one step closer to an optimised battery system. The printed microchannels were meticulously coated with resins and transformed into conducts for efficient water circulation, setting the stage for enhanced thermal management and cell performance.

With BB1’s success, we celebrate the achievement of a milestone for VERSAPRINT, while our team is still committed to investing the necessary time and effort to ensure optimal results for BB2.

As we move forward, we’re excited about the possibilities that lie ahead in reshaping the landscape of battery innovation. Stay tuned for more updates!